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Predictable Success is a time-tested growth model that sustainably scales businesses and not-for-profit organizations around the world.

It starts with a simple concept. Every member of an organization falls into one of four styles:


Most Visionaries possess similar traits: big-thinkers turned on by ideas, they’re easily bored with minutia and are consumed by the need to create and to achieve.

Visionaries are an essential element in any high-performing group or team, but they can be disruptive if not managed correctly – and of course, Visionaries dislike being ‘managed’.


Operators are the ‘do-ers’ in any enterprise - they’re the practically-minded folks that get stuff done.

Unless you’re working for a full-blown bureaucracy, no group or team, no organization or enterprise can ever achieve its goals without Operators. However, the Operator is not naturally inclined to play well in teams and in meetings - they’d much rather be out on the front line, getting stuff done.


Processors have an innate desire to bring order to any situation -- they focus not only on what they’ve been asked to do, but also on the underlying systems and processes that will make doing it more consistent and repeatable – and if those systems and processes don’t yet exist, they’ll begin by designing and implementing them.

At times, however, their reluctance to embrace change, steady unvarying pace and dogged attachment to data can frustrate their colleagues.


The Synergist brings a primary focus on what is best for the enterprise as a whole, and they choreograph and harmonize team or group interactions to produce high-quality decisions.

Unlike the Visionary, Operator and Processor styles, which are natural and innate to all of us, the Synergist style is primarily a learned style – meaning anyone can learn to be a Synergist.

The Predictable Success Leadership Center is an online community and leadership development experience that provides a roadmap for learning and growth, based on the Predictable Success model. This model serves as the foundation for the Predictable Success Lifecycle, Scalability Matrix and the complete suite of Predictable Success products and tools.

Members receive personalized guidance that leads them to personal and professional success, following Les McKeown’s proven Predictable Success model, and in turn become stronger leaders, better prepared for the highs and lows of business building, and more empathetic, respected members of any organization.

The Predictable Success Leadership Center offers comprehensive learning and leadership opportunities, and it starts with a few simple steps:

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Founded by Les McKeown, Predictable Success is the world’s premier leadership assessment platform and will empower you with the tools, systems and roadmap to truly lean into leadership and find predictable success.

Les McKeown first recognized recurring patterns of achieving sustainable growth during his 15 years as a serial entrepreneur, during which he was involved in the launch of over 40 businesses and not-for-profits.

Later, as the co-founder of one of the world’s first independent incubation businesses, Les realized that the patterns of ‘early stage’ success were intimately connected to second-stage and subsequent growth. Over time, he ‘connected the dots’ across the entire lifecycle of all organizations, naming it the ‘Predictable Success Growth Model’.

Learn more about Les McKeown and Predictable Success at predictablesuccess.com.

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